the gardener

a man filled with the gladness of living
sammy wears black rubber boots in his garden
he smiles at lettuce leaves tiny like wings
and ties plastic bags on sticks
sammy runs to the gate
gives the thumbs up
wipes orange dirt across his forehead
and smiles
this living is gladness enough

0 thoughts on “the gardener

  1. Deborah Krymusa says:

    Kirsten…who knew that anyone but Stephen wrote poetry in our family?!!! (jj) but really, you have outdone yourself again, as words just dribble off your chin! I never always liked poetry (read the required school stuff)…but over the years, the more I read it slowly and carefully, the more I loved it! (Poems or sonnets written by cool authors like you, Steve and Malcolm Guite are my faves!)

    1. thekirstencollective says:

      Thank you, Debbie. I love the image of words dribbling off my chin! Apparently you have poetry hiding in you as well…I’ve been quite inspired by your discovery of poetry, sonnets, Guite, etc these years. Thank you for bringing that into our family and life. (And for being such a kind and supportive reader :))

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