When God – this morning- said
Let there be light again,
I was sleeping behind dark curtains.
Day was created,
dreams of green quickened at the light,
all love burst forth
into the glowing space
around the eucalyptus trees,
and I slept while the
weaver bird announced that it
is more than Good.

I wonder if something
might be lost
in the translation from Hebrew-
translated from Divinity-
because this aged morning
the petals of the frangipani blossoms
curve toward each other
in fine glowing lines
and the spider web fringes
the wet grass with silver
and the hawk glides
through blue space in
a terrifying perfect spiral,
so surely
those newborn mornings
earned more exuberance than

3 thoughts on “Creation

  1. Kerri says:

    Hard to find the words to comment, Kirsten, after reading a poem like that. Like having the wind knocked out of me, in a good way. Reminds me of e.e. cummings. Thank you.

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